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  • Works Anywhere In The World, Even Places With No Lottery.
  • Imagine, being able to cash in on the sale of lottery tickets (just like state agencies do), even if they are worthless losers!
  • You are playing on REAL tickets in the real, Legal, Florida Lotto, Powerball, Mega Money, and Mega Millions drawings, not some shady Internet Game.
  • Can be done by anyone. Zero Experience required.
  • Proven and Foolproof. You will have access to a system that's been secretly in use for over a decade. The state agencies would rather you know this didn't exist!
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The Lottery Like You've Never Seen It Before!

You probably think that the only way to play the lottery is by purchasing tickets at a retailer, like 7-Eleven. And outside of what you are about to see, that is true.

The people besides ticket winners who actually make money in the lottery are the government or state agencies that sell the tickets and the beneficiaries of the proceeds from sales (like state education).

Retailers make a tiny percentage of sales, not enough to survive on if that's all they sold.

But what if you could "squeeze your way" in between and be a "middle person" on the transactions of thousands of lottery tickets, and get paid for your services?

Better yet, what if you could also get a percentage of all winnings on tickets you are a "middle person" for?

There are plenty of systems available today to try and increase odds in the lottery. People spend money on all sorts of techniques that do very little to increase odds. Things like analyzing hot numbers or histories, wheeling systems, and more.

The number one way to increase odds in any lottery drawing is to purchase more tickets, and that's something most of these systems will have you doing anyway.

Traditionally, lottery pools win most jackpots. The reason why is they have more buying power, so they are able to purchase more tickets. One of the largest Powerball jackpots, over $300 million dollars, was won by workers at the ConAgra Food Plant. A group of workers got together, pooled their money, bought tickets, and split the proceeds amongst the pool members.

However, lottery pools have a tremendous downside.

As the size of the pool increases, potential payouts decrease proportionally.

For example, if you were in a lottery pool with a group of 10 people (including yourself) and any of the tickets won anything, you would get ten percent. If this pool were 100 people, you would get one percent. Eventually, it would reach a point where you wouldn't want to bother being in the pool because even though odds would be much better by playing on many more tickets, your actual proceeds would be slim.

WealthPerx changes all of that.

What Other Lottery Pool Does This?

  • Increases your odds by letting you build a pool as large as you want, without the downside of a decreasing potential payout
  • Pays you for everyone in your pool, regardless of what happens in the lottery.

Here's how this amazing system works:

When you join WealthPerx as a Bronze Director, you are given a set of numbers that will be played on your behalf in every single Florida Lotto drawing. Should you join as a Silver Director, not only will you be playing in every Florida Lotto drawing, but you will be playing in every Powerball drawing too. Join as a Gold Director and play in four lotteries -- Florida Lotto, Powerball, Mega Money, and Mega Millions!

It doesn't matter where you live, because you do not buy the tickets. In fact, you don't need to do anything except join to be entered in all the drawings.

Tickets are purchased and kept in a safe at the home office in Florida. You will know the set of numbers being played for you before the drawings take place, and if you want to, you could check the winnings numbers at the Florida Lottery website, but you don't need to. Everything, including payouts is done automatically for you, by the company.

When you join, you are entered into all of the drawings the month after you join. So if you join right now, you play in every drawing next month.

If any of the numbers played on your behalf win anything, you get paid 50% of the proceeds, but it's the other 50% that puts the "Magic" in this system.

Here's how:

You are reading this right now because me (or someone using my system) "found" you. That person's ID number is automatically coded to this website, and when you join, that person gets to play on your lottery tickets.

If you win anything, you get half and your sponsor gets ten percent.
Another ten percent goes to your sponsor's sponsor.
Another ten percent goes to the person above that person.

In fact, 100% of all ticket winnings are paid out to WealthPerx members. 50% percent to the winner and 10% to the five people ultimately responsible for referring the winner to the company.

Now let's look at this from a different angle, starting with you:

Suppose you were to join WealthPerx today and refer five people to the company, and you did absolutely nothing beyond that. Now you can sign up more than five, and you can sign up people as often as you like, but let's just use five for an example so you can see how powerful this really is.

Those five people will have the same benefits you have. If they are Gold Directors, they will be playing in all four lotteries. If they are Silver Directors, they will be playing in every Florida Lottery and Powerball drawing next month. If they are Bronze Directors, they will be playing in just the Florida Lottery drawings next month. If one of those five wins anything, they get to keep half, and since you are responsible for referring that person to WealthPerx, you get 10%.

Now those five people are going to want to build their pool too, so what happens when they refer five (and keep in mind, this can be after you've set the program aside and done nothing with it.)?

There are going to be 25 people on your second level. If one of those 25 wins anything, that person gets half. Since one of the five people on your first level will be responsible for introducing one of the 25 to the pool, that person on your first level gets 10%. Since you are responsible for introducing the person on your first level who introduced the person on your second level, you too get 10%.

In total so far, you are playing on 31 tickets for each drawing (Your own, the 5 on your first level, plus the 25 on your second).

Now when the 25 on your second do exactly the same thing, you will have 125 people on your third level. Now, you are playing on 155 lottery tickets plus your own (the 125 on your third plus the previous 30).

When the 125 people on your third level get five, 625 people will be added to your pool and you will be playing on 780 tickets, besides your own.

And here's where it gets interesting.

When the 625 fourth level people tell five, you will have 3,125 people on your fifth level.

If you add it all up, after you've done nothing but refer five people and they've duplicated your efforts five times, you will be playing on 3,905 lottery tickets, and since there are at least eight drawings every single month,

You will be playing on at least 31,240 Lottery Tickets, And if any one of them wins anything, You get to keep 10%!

Now if you are a Gold Director, you also get to play on all tickets of everyone in your group. If you are a Silver Director, you get to play in Powerball and on all the Powerball tickets of everyone in your group through five levels.

So, if those 3,905 people in your group are all Silver Directors, you get to play on not only 31,240 Florida Lottery tickets, but 31,240 Powerball tickets too!

If all of them are Gold Directors, you will be playing on OVER 120,000 lottery tickets every month!

It costs $50 a month to be a Bronze Director, play in all the Florida Lotto drawings, and have the potential to build a pool as large as you want and get 10% of Florida Lotto ticket winnings from anyone in your group.

For $120 a month, you can be a Silver Director, have all the Bronze Director benefits, plus play on all the Powerball tickets for Bronze Directors in your group too, and for $260 a month, you can be a Gold Director and have every benefit WealthPerx offers!

Is that amazing or what?

Where else can you play on over 120,000 lottery tickets for just $260 a month? And that's just in our example! The sky is really the limit as to how big your pool can grow, but your cost will never increase!

This is a system that has lottery players who know nothing about home-based businesses drooling because no other lottery system will let them play on that many lottery tickets without having to buy them!


This is a home-based business that has network marketerís drooling because it is easy to recruit others into it and make money with. The company has something everyone wants once they find out about it, not a product that has to be sold with "high-pressure" tactics, or one that needs a lengthy explanation.


This is the only income opportunity on the planet that can make you a millionaire, even if you never recruit a single distributor or if the "product" sits on your shelf and collects dust! Powerball is one of the nation's most popular lottery drawings, and now anyone can play it from anywhere in the world, not just states that offer it. Same with Florida Lotto. It is one of the highest paying state lotteries and people from all over come to play it. Now, it can be played from anywhere with this system.

Up until now, you have seen a way to play on tens of thousands of lottery tickets from anywhere in the world for a mere $50, $120, or $260 dollars and you get to keep 10% (or 50%) of the winning proceeds. The average Florida Lotto jackpot is $12 million, so you would get to keep $1.2 million dollars if you were the "middle person" for a winning ticket! On a $100 million dollar Powerball jackpot, your take would be $10 million dollars if it were from a ticket in your group, or $50 million if the numbers hit were the ones being played for you!

But It Gets Even Better, Much Better, Because….

You Will Be Paid On Every Single Person in your Lottery Pool, Even If Every Ticket You Are Playing On Is A Worthless Loser!

How much?

If you are a Bronze Director, you get paid $2 per month for every member (Bronze Director or Silver Director) whose tickets you are playing on. If you personally sponsored them (for example, the five people you originally introduced this to) you also get a $23 enroller bonus, totaling $25 per month.

If we go back to that example where you had 3,905 people in your group, you would be earning $2 per month for 3,900 people, which is $7,800, plus $125 for the five you enrolled, which totals $7,925 per month!

If you are a Silver Director, you get paid $2 per month for every Bronze Director in your group and $4 per month for every Silver Director whose tickets you are playing on. If you personally sponsored a Bronze Director, you get an additional $23 enroller bonus, but if you personally sponsor a Silver Director, that enroller bonus is now $56, totaling $60 per month.

If you are a Gold Director, you get paid $130 per month for every Gold Director you enroll, plus $8 per month for every Gold Director on levels two through five, plus all of the commissions paid on Team and Power Captains in your group.

Going back to the same example where you had 3,905 people in your group, if you and they were all Powe Captains, your monthly commission totals $15,900. If they were all Mega Captains, your monthly commission is over thirty grand!

Now can you see why after being in the network marketing profession for over 20 years I fell in love with this program?

Can you see why I would just absolutely love it if you hit a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot and got to take home $50 million dollars?

Can you see why I want you to find five people (and will show you the secrets on finding many more than that consistently every month) and make over $30,000 per month?

“This is like having a second income, without having to work a second job. By following a simple process, and performing less than an hour of simple work at my kitchen table each day, I've been able to generate a monthly check that just keeps growing! $3,258 last month! Thanks WealthPerx!”
Scott B, Virginia Beach VA

In most of the opportunities I have been in before, people were stockpiling products they didn't really care about just so they can have the opportunity to earn commissions by introducing others to them. And, the compensation plans where extremely complex.

This is one of the few companies that has mass appeal, is easy to explain, and the compensation is straightforward with no loopholes. The company has a lot of people in it just to play the lottery, something they would do on their own anyway.

We do not have to reach to the far corners of the earth and come up with exotic stuff to promote.

You don't need a degree in biochemistry to explain the product. Everyone knows what the lottery is and many people play in it anyway. Many people are in states that do not have the lucrative drawings Florida has, and many are in states that offer no lottery at all or do not participate in Powerball.

And of course, no system or lottery out there will increase your odds like this one and pay you to play, even if no one wins! People will flock to you instead of a state retailer!

The only thing you need to worry about now is what level you join at. If you join as a Bronze Director instead of a Power or Gold Director and there are Power and Mega Captains in your downline, you miss out on the double commissions, or even worse, a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot can pass you by. If you join as a Silver Director, you're covered on Powerball jackpots and higher commissions (but not the highest), but a Mega Millions or Mega Money jackpot could pass you by.

For this reason, you should join as a Gold Director. Also, if you do a little bit of math, you will see that regardless of what level you join at, if you enroll two people at the same level, you're breaking out even and playing the lottery for free anyway!

The commission on Bronze Directors you personally enroll is $25 each. So if your membership is $50, enrolling two Directors gets you $50 in commission, meaning you pay nothing.

The commission on Silver Directors you personally enroll (provided you are a Silver Director) is $60 each and your membership fee is $120. So still, by enrolling two Silver Directors, your membership fees are also offset by commissions.

The commission on Gold Directors you personally enroll (provided you are a Gold Director) is $130 each and your membership fee is $260. So still, by enrolling two Gold Directors, your membership fees are also offset by commissions.

It doesn't make sense to join at any other level but that's entirely up to you.

“Wow! I made $4,147 last month and didn't even budge from my chair! It's just amazing that my income keeps growing like this. This system gives me the best odds of hitting a jackpot and when I do, it will just be icing on the cake!”
Alice P, Ohio

Still don’t believe how easy this is?

As soon as you join, you are going to have a website exactly like this one set up. You’ll get your own ID number and you can send people here to watch the video and learn everything exactly like you just did.

No Selling.

No pestering anyone.

Just ask anyone in your area that plays the lottery (or wishes they could) to hop over to this website and we’ll take it from there.

Want to really explode your team?

WealthPerx has several systems you can use today to start. When you join, you get access to our back-office, slam-packed with marketing systems and a bonus book to help you get started. We have every tool you could possibly use for introducing this to others. Lead capture pages and autoresponders already set up for you, postcards and entire direct mail systems, this website, opportunity calls (where a pro will do a presentation for your prospects and answer their questions), training webinars, and more. The support given to the field force from this company is just absolutely unreal, and the truth of the matter is, it's overkill because everyone is familiar with the lottery and this system practically sells itself. I just wanted you to know that you won't be left in the dark once you join and decide to build a huge team.


Something To Ask Yourself…

Did you know…

  • 53% of recent college graduates can’t find a job?
  • 84% of people who do work are unhappy, underpaid, and would leave their job if they could?
  • 50 Million households struggle to pay bills and can’t afford to feed their family?

Yet, sales of these three items have skyrocketed through our tough times:

  • Booze
  • Cigarettes
  • Lottery Tickets

Even if you aren’t a fan of the lottery, chances are, you know people that play it religiously, live in area where there are loads of lottery players (pretty easy to find), or live where there is no lottery at all and people wish they could play.

Whatever your views may be on the lottery, it’s not going away. You can either make a huge profit on it or pass it by, the choice is yours. But, consider this:

Where are you right now?

Are you one of the statistics mentioned above?

Are you finding it tough to get by nowadays?

Where you successful in a previous home-based business, but took a serious hit because consumers no longer want to stockpile juices, lotions, potions, and pills (yet they will still buy lottery tickets)?

Where Do You Want To Be in Six Months, One Year, And Two Years From Now?

Imagine yourself in just two months with some extra cash in your pocket each month. Maybe things are easier because you can pay a few bills you were struggling with before. Maybe you don’t have to cut back on some of the things you may have had to sacrifice, or maybe you just have extra spending cash for a few little things you would like.

Then Imagine yourself in six months from now. Now you have a steady stream of income flowing in that’s growing every month. Now you are living a lot more comfortable. Now you don’t have to worry any more. Your expenses are completely covered , you breath a sigh of relief, and you know things are going to dramatically improve from here. A year from now you no longer have to work for anyone else. You have all the time in the world to travel, be with family and friends, and you’ve purchased a few luxury items you’ve really been wanting a long time.

Now, stop imagining, because this is exactly what’s going to happen when you join today and plug into our proven formula to succeed!